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In November 2013 against tremendous challenges, a broad coalition of Kaua'i moms, health care professionals, farmers, and civic leaders successfully won a historic law, Ordinance 960 (formerly Bill 2491), a Kaua'i County law that addresses excessive pesticide use by GMO companies on our island.  


Now, those agrochemical companies (Dow, Syngenta, Pioneer and BASF) are challenging the victory of the people in federal court.  Their key argument is that the people of Kaua'i and their democratically elected County leaders do not have the legal right to protect their children, the land and the island's future.


Kaua'i is ground zero for GMO test seed experimentation and GMO seed development by companies such as Syngenta, BASF, Pioneer (a DuPont subsidiary) and Dow AgroSciences. 


GMO seed test sites require dangerously heavy levels of pesticide application - at a scale and intensity far greater than conventional agriculture.  



Over the past three years an estimated 60 tons of hazardous "restricted use" pesticides* have been applied on Kaua'i land.  Paradise is being poisoned. 


Pesticides such as 2,4-D (a derivative of Agent Orange), Dicamba, Atrazine and chlorpyrifos are applied near our homes, schools, workplaces and places of worship.  


In November 2013 Coalition supporters successfully convinced the Kaua'i County Council to stand up for the island's families and children by supporting the public's Right to Know what chemicals are being applied, and when and where they are applied. Ordinance 960 also provides for buffer zones that would help reduce the constant dust that drifts into homes and schools. Without these basic protections, the Kaua'i community is powerless to protect itself and children from harm. Children and families are getting sick. Land and water quality are being contaminated.


With its victory of Ordinance 960, the people of Kaua'i would have gotten disclosure and other protections starting in October 2013 from the heaviest agricultural users of restricted use pesticides.  Twenty-two (22) different restricted use pesticides are applied by four GMO companies on Kaua'i.* 


"Their use constitutes approximately 98% of the restricted use pesticides utilized by agricultural operations on Kaua‘i.” said Kaua’i County Council member Gary Hooser, a co-sponsor of Ordinance 960, “We care very much about supporting our local farmers.  The thresholds of this bill do not affect them. We need to protect our children."  


Nurseries, landscapers, golf courses and tourism destinations are likewise not affected by Ordinance 960, as their levels of restricted use pesticides are miniscule in comparison to the levels of the heaviest users.





**These figures represent highly concentrated, pre-diluted pesticide amounts that can generate sprayable pesticide by factors as high as 1:80 or more

***Restricted Use Pesticides Sold on Kaua'i ; 2010-2012 


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