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Send these links to friends to help them understand the level of pesticides that are being used on Kaua'i:


List of Pesticides and Quantities Used on Kauai in 2014


List of Product Names and Manufacturer-produced Material Safety Data Sheets, Restricted Use Pesticides Used on Kaua'i 2012



The GMO industry is aggressively engaging in advertising campaigns that attempt to confuse and distract us from a clear and obvious truth:  Chemical-dependent methods of GMO-based agriculture are poisoning our children and families.  As high doses of chemicals leach into our land, water and bodies over time, they ARE rendering our island paradise lifeless.  


What GMO companies fail to describe are the hidden health costs, opportunity costs, and loss of land, water and quality of life that Kaua'i children, families and small farmers pay to allow GMO companies to reap large profits.


Educate Yourself and Get the Facts. Share accurate information with your friends. Debunk the myths and give your friends the facts that show that:



Tell Kaua'i County Council members to protect our children and families from dangerous restricted use pesticides by voting YES on Kauai County Bill 2491.


With thousands of supporters from all Hawaiian islands, this movement is growing every day. People are getting akamai about the dangers of GMO pesticide spraying.  


Take part in this movement of moms, health care professionals, farmers, and civic leaders, and make your voice heard!  


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