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As a result of widespread public concern over the intensive application of Restricted Use Pesticides, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture created its Kaua'i Agricultural Good Neighbor Program.  This voluntary disclosure program provides the public with monthly pesticide usage reports created by the agrochemical companies Dow, Syngenta, Pioneer and BASF, and Kaua'i Coffee.  


While the Kaua'i Agricultural Good Neighbor Program does not divulge the actual field location of pesticide applications, weather conditions, time of application or other significant data needed to facilitate health-related research, the reports offer a general glimpse of the magnitude, frequency, range and pesticide preferences for each of the companies.


Restricted Use Pesticide usage reports can be downloaded directly from the Kaua'i Agricultural Good Neighbor Program website.  Or for a quicker download in either XLS or PDF format, both updated on July 14, 2014, please click here:


XLS Format          PDF Format (multi-page)


(Column headings for the Good Neighbor reports do not appear on the downloadable reports on the site.  

Data on the files above is arranged by date, company, product name, EPA registration number, total gallons used, total pounds used, active ingredient, and total field area applied to.)


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